Juste (a Few Thousand) iWords

Today, with both student essays to grade and a personal writing assignment of my own to complete, I decided to try something a little different for my recently neglected blog. I have been a camera snob since I picked up my first single lens reflex camera about 35 years ago. I have been lugging around lenses and tripods and multiple camera bodies in brands ranging from that first Miranda to Pentax and Nikon and Mamiya. And then the iPhone arrived on the scene. I have been the subject of more than one photo wearing one or two bulky digital SLRs around my neck–while taking a photo with my phone.

Not only does the phone offer the portability, convenience, and the opportunity to share memories quickly. I have found that the iPhone cameras from the 4S through my current 7 Plus can provide some stellar images I am proud to share despite their humble origins. I have collected some of my favorites here–a few abstracts, cityscapes and landscapes, color and monochrome, and one or two just for fun. Of course, we can’t forget the cat!






















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  1. Boz says:

    N.B.: I can actually take photos of something besides cemeteries!

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